Mr. HMC Polled Masterplan 63/1 (PP) HOMOZYGOUS POLLED

Mr. HMC Polled Masterplan 63/1 (PP) HOMOZYGOUS POLLED

Regular price $200.00

ABBA No. 994088

Sire: Butler Polled Megatron (P)

Dam: LMC Polled Gayle 144/5 (P)

Date of Birth: February 2, 2019

63/1 is the full package: long bodied, muscle, power, structurally sound, and HOMOZYGOUS POLLED! We chose to name this bull "Masterplan", because that is exactly what he is for our operation, and where we feel the future of the brahman breed is heading! What makes this trait so valuable to the cattle industry is its ability to genetically de-horn your cattle in just one generation! Another very interesting thing about this bull is his pedigree! On the top side you will find +Mr. V8 380/6 "The Machine" and on the bottom side one of our favorite cows at Heritage, Lady H Molly Manso 960/7! There is no JDH Elmo Manso in his pedigree, so if you are looking for a bull to cross to any Elmo progeny or decedents, or wanting to produce the next generation of the best POLLED cattle, then make "Masterplan" your choice! Semen was collected at Integrated Breeders Service in Bryan Tx and is stored in HMC personal tank in Linn Tx. Buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling cost of the semen.

You can purchase with your credit card by giving us a call. If you have any questions or would like to purchase with check or wire transfer, please feel free to call Hondo Martinez @ 956-735-3707  

EXCLUSIVE SEMEN TERMS- Semen is to be used for the buyer’s in-herd use, and not to be later re-sold, traded, transferred or donated to third parties.  “In Herd Use” means it is to be used by the buyer and his/her immediate family.  It is not to be used on partnership animals.
Buyer receives one complimentary AI certificates per unit.  Additional certificates available for $100.  Certificates will be released to the name of the official buyer listed on the sale information.  Certificates will be released individually at the time of registrations and the dam ABBA # must be provided.  Certificates are not transferable to other individuals, nor can they be re-sold, traded or donated. By submitting payment, customer agrees to the "Customer Sales Agreement" which can be found and printed here: