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We always post about our cattle on social media and our website, but wanted to give our followers a chance to get to know the people behind the brand!

Hondo grew up in rural south Texas in a ranching family who goes way back in raising commercial cattle, stockers, Indu Brazil, and more. His Great-Grandfather was Estaban Garcia, one of the “Garcia Brothers” who imported Indu Brazil bulls in 1946, and many of these bulls were used to create what we know as the American Brahman today. Hondo is from a small agricultural community, San Isidro, promoted the industry and led him to an education at Texas A&M University. Graduating in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, he immediately invested himself into the cattle business, determined to provide innovative and quality cattle and services alike to cattleman across the board.
Caroline was raised in an almost identical scenario just 496 miles away in Welsh, Louisiana. Again, her family always had a hand in producing commercial type cattle, with mainly Brahman influence, as well as farming rice and crawfish crops multiple generations back. Her family, Watkins Cattle Company fully invested themselves into producing quality grey and red Registered Brahman Cattle. After showing Brahman, Dairy and Commercial cattle, and venturing to Louisiana State University for undergraduate and graduate school, she found herself always returning to her roots by way of lunch at the cattle sale, a loop around the farm with her dad, and eventually investing in Brahman genetics of her own.
The 2016 International Brahman Show in Houston, Tx brought two people together, not long after that we were engaged, married, and started a family. Now we have our two lovely children Tad and Lily, and have further established and grown our cattle business HM Cattle Co.
HM Cattle Co. operates in a three-county area in the Rio Grande Valley on approximately 9,000 acres with our headquarters located in Linn, TX, directly off of Highway 281. We are proud to offer the Brahman customer quality genetics bred for performance, carcass merit qualities, uniformity, and a special emphasis on polled genetics. We firmly believe in integrating the polled trait to the Brahman breed so as to decrease costs and risks of dehorning cattle, and to meet the demands of the commercial cow man! As seed stock producers that is our responsibility. While there is room for advancement to all Brahman cattle, specifically the polled Brahmans, we see an opportunity to provide an animal which is superior to the generation before!
Throughout the year we also attempt to maintain a steady inventory of Brangus replacement females and bulls to be used in a variety of ranching programs: cow/calf, surrogates for registered programs, etc. The Brangus females and bulls are hand selected for uniformity, docility, and performance. Through our backgrounding program which consists of a custom feed ration and consistent vaccinations, we are able to provide the market an animal who is ready to perform in any breeding operation and promise only quality.
Our Brand, “the dollar sign” is not just a symbol for success, but is our constant reminder and representation of our goal to constant progress and providing quality products and services of great value to the consumer. We welcome you to explore our website and visit us in Linn, TX! It is a joy to meet fellow cattlemen and cattlewomen who share similar goals and enthusiasm for agricultural in a modern world! Come by and enjoy great conversation and comraderie centered on GREAT Brahman and Brangus cattle!


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