Miss HMC 140/1
Miss HMC 140/1

Miss HMC 140/1

Miss HMC 140/1 (ABBA No: 1042054)

Sire: Mr. V8 620/8 (S)

Dam: Miss Double A 234/1

DOB: February 6th, 2021

Actual BW: 72 pounds

Miss HMC 140/1 is one of the first Mr. V8 620/8 (S) calves to be offered for sale! She is currently being exposed to our new HOMOZYGOUS POLLED herd sire “Youngblood” who we currently have breeding our set of donors/keepers, and we will guarantee her bred at time of pick up. We are extremely excited about our new herd sire not only because he is homozygous polled, but he is also very nice phenotypically, with lots of breed character, and he ribeye scanned a 4.65% IMF which is Choice. This will be the only heifer to sell bred out of Youngblood that we will be selling for the year 2022. Even though she has been dehorned, being that Youngblood is Homozygous Polled, the resulting calf will guaranteed be polled and carry forth the polled gene. She is deep ribbed, very correct, with clean lines and lots of maternal characteristics! 140/1 is an embryo calf out of Miss Double A 234/1, and has one of the best dispositions in the calf crop! She will come right up to you and let her rub all over her.  Her pedigree combines that of Mr. V8 135/7 (P), who is a Mr V8 380/6 son, with a (+) JDH Sir Liberty Manso Granddaughter.

You can purchase with your credit card by giving us a call. If you have any questions or would like to purchase with check or wire transfer, please feel free to call Hondo Martinez @ 956-735-3707