IVF Aspiration on Miss HMC Polled 73/1 (P) "Jenny"

IVF Aspiration on Miss HMC Polled 73/1 (P) "Jenny"

Regular price $7,500.00

ABBA No. 994095

Sire: Mr. V8 279/7 (P)

Dam: LMC Polled Carla 149/5 (P)

Date of Birth: April 30, 2019

We love the style, angularity, natural muscle, and phenotype of 73/1. She is DOUBLE POLLED AND SMOOTH POLLED, and is as close to perfection as a brahman female should be. Her first set of embryo calves were phenomenal, producing one that is currently in our donor pasture, Miss HMC Polled 145/1 (P). She the produced our 2022 International Sale consignment heifer, which sold for $11,500  and also produced this years International Sale heifer, Miss HMC Polled 193/1, who sells on Thursday March 2nd at the NRG Center! Come by and see her in our stalls. 

The IVF procedure is to be done at TransOva in Bryan, TX, unless another location or company is agreed upon between the buyer and HMC. We will provide transportation to Bryan, Tx free of charge at an agreed upon date. We guarantee 1 IVF Aspiration will produce at least 20 viable oocytes. (Using the industry standard 30% conversion ratio, this should yield 6-7 transferable embryos). ET Certificates will be released only to the name of the original purchaser(s).