Deposit for Miss HMC Polled 190/1 (P)
Deposit for Miss HMC Polled 190/1 (P)

Deposit for Miss HMC Polled 190/1 (P)

Thank you Mr. Coronado!

ABBA No. Pending

Date of Birth: April 12th 2022

Sire: Mr. HMC Polled Masterplan 63/1 (PP) (ABBA#: 994088)

Dam: Miss Double A 206/1 (ABBA#: 976304)

Actual Birthweight: 60 lbs

Our first set of POLLED heifer calves off of our HOMOZYGOUS POLLED herd sire Mr. HMC Polled Masterplan 63/1 are extremely impressive! We mated him with several big boned, heavy ribbed and large framed horned cows in order to bring those characteristics to the polled world, and the result are polled calves with an outcross bottom side pedigree that are out of this world! She has NO +JDH Elmo Manso in her pedigree, which is extremely hard to find in polled genetics today. You will find some big name sires such as Mr. V8 301/5, #SMG Monumental, and +#JADL Rey Te, which are ones you normally don’t see on polled cattle pedigrees, so you pedigree geeks know the mating possibilities with this one. She has tons of potential to be a competitor in the show ring and a future POLLED donor prospect.  We are loving everything about this calf and the genetics she’s out of!

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