Hondo Martinez Capital Farm Credit Board of Directors 2023
Hondo Martinez Capital Farm Credit Board of Directors 2023
Hondo Martinez Capital Farm Credit Board of Directors 2023
Hondo Martinez Capital Farm Credit Board of Directors 2023
Hondo Martinez Capital Farm Credit Board of Directors 2023
Hondo Martinez Capital Farm Credit Board of Directors 2023
Hondo Martinez Capital Farm Credit Board of Directors 2023
Hondo Martinez Capital Farm Credit Board of Directors 2023

Hondo Martinez Capital Farm Credit Board of Directors 2023

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My name is Hondo Martinez. I am nominated to run for the board of directors position for region 7 and I proudly accepted. For those of you who do not know me I am a 7th generation cattle rancher from South Texas. My wife and I currently have a Registered Brahman and Commercial Brangus cattle operation, a small precondition/grow yard, and recently started to invest in real estate. Though cattle ranching runs deep in my blood, after graduating college at Texas ATM, I had to get started on my own. This is where Capital Farm Credit became a big part of my life and operation. As a young farmer and beginning rancher, CFC helped me with access to the capital I needed to grow my operation, purchase our ranch and headquarters, as well as our residence. I have been in business for 12 years now and that was made possible with CFC taking a little risk with helping me get started. That was a big part of what CFC has done for me.

Now I ask myself how can I add value to CFC by being on the board of directors? Being a young rancher and entrepreneur, I understand today’s challenges for this next generation of young agricultural professionals. We are living in a world of advanced technology, volatile markets, extremely fast paced news travel, often political changes, and all of this has changed the way we all do business, mostly in a positive way. By building and scaling a business in these modern times, I can use my generation’s insight to help make sound business decisions and lead in a way that can help grow this organization for its current stockholders and the next generation.

Above all, I am very appreciative and honored to be nominated and given the opportunity to learn more about CFC and meet and network with fellow stockholders. This has been a great opportunity to spend more time with CFC personnel and peers and celebrating our role in Texas agriculture.

You may vote by mail or online. Ballots go out May 9th and are due within 15 business days from the date mailed. Your vote would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Hondo Martinez


Below is the Q&A issued in the CFC Annual Meeting Information Statement

Region 7—South Texas

Hondo MartinezAge 32, Hidalgo County

Occupation/Agricultural Operation: I am the owner and operator of our agricultural company HM Cattle Co. and our real estate holdings. I am a 7th generation cattle rancher, and my wife and I are a young ranching couple who breeds and produces quality commercial Brangus cattle and Registered Brahman cattle. We operate in a two county area (Hidalgo and Starr) in the Rio Grande Valley on approximately 9000 acres of land, with our headquarters located in Linn, TX. We also invest in real estate to grow and diversify our portfolio.

Education/Training and Current Leadership:

I grew up in San Isidro, TX, which is a small agricultural community in northern Starr County. That is where I graduated High School, and from there obtained my bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Business from Texas A&M University in College Station TX. I am also the owner and operator of HM Cattle Company and real estate holdings.

Why I want to serve on the board: I would like to serve on the board of directors to grow my professional network and sharpen my professional skills. By serving I would be able to develop relationships with other shareholders while being able to influence others in a positive way. Doing this would also keep me abreast with CFC issues and allow me to work with other board of directors and shareholders for the improvement of the company.

Example of a Leadership Position that has prepared me for a position on the board: Growing up I was always in a leadership position within our FFA chapter, being Vice President my senior year of high school. At Texas A&M University I served for 3 years on the Executive Council for my fraternity. Since graduating I have been owner and operator of HM Cattle Co., focusing on growing our business in a sustainable manner.

Business Knowledge, Experience, and/or Education in the following areas:

Strategic Planning: For our companies, I strategically plan the daily activities to our monthly, yearly, and long term goals. This includes but not limited to cattle management for health, breeding, sales, grazing, commodity purchasing and forecasting. With this also comes everyday land management, and a long term plan on how we graze our herds to maximize efficiency on the acreage that we occupy.

Corporate Governance: If elected to the Board of Directors, I will be responsible and accountable for the well-defined rights of the shareholders. Transparency to the shareholders and being able to conduct governance with integrity and professional behavior are of utmost importance.

Financial Reporting: Being self-employed and owning a small business brings the responsibility of financial bookkeeping and reporting. We keep our books current and are also up to date on agricultural and global business markets. I use both our financial standing and knowledge about the markets to make calculated decisions on how to conduct and grow our business.

Technology: I utilize technology to keep records and important performance data for our feedlot and growing yard, and I also developed and manage our website from scratch (www.hmcattlecompany.com) where I sell our cattle and genetics worldwide. We also use reproductive technology in the form of embryo transfer to quickly improve and enhance our Registered Brahman herd.

Risk Management: I manage risk in several ways in our business. Employees and personnel are met with and trained daily, and our business decisions I make using calculated risks. The most important I’ve found is being diversified and staying flexible. I report and record all of our finances and use this to make future decisions for our operations.

Compensation and Talent Management: As a small business owner, I manage my employees and delegate to where their talents are best and most efficiently utilized. They, along with ourselves, are compensated based on performance in and around the work place.